We spend most of our time building products. Through ExperiencEconomy, we support individuals and companies with tailored advice on:

  • Software Development
  • New Product Design
  • Product Management
  • Product-led Growth
  • Commercial and Operational Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Independent Publishing

Our current go-to tech stack is JavaScript, React, Redux, Vue.js, Next.js, Node.js and Serverless cloud functions.

If you have a more general question, you may want to explore the FAQ. Already know what you need help with? Get in touch. You can also book a first 1:1 consultation.

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If you need help defining your priorities ahead of deciding to hire our consulting services, let's talk. You will get 30 minutes of undivided attention and actionable insights you will be able to use straight away.

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We're always looking to work with smart people.

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